Life Orientation should not be replaced by History as a compulsory subject, because Life Orientation has a great impact on a student’s life. Life Orientation may seem as a boring subject but it helps students a lot with career choices, study skills and also teaches them about human factors that cause ill-health, accidents, crises and disasters.

Life Orientation is very helpful, especially to students who come from poor backgrounds or villages because it teaches you how to apply for jobs, qualifications of jobs that’s available in the world, application letters and also how to create a CV, since they don’t have access to the internet to apply for jobs online.

As we know that in South Africa most students struggle with their studies because they don’t know how to develop study skills. Life Orientation teaches students how to develop study skills like how to make a study time table, how to form a study group and study skills.

Lastly, Life Orientation teaches about human factors that cause ill-health, accidents, crises and disasters, this include cultural practices and different knowledge perspectives. Our cultures influence what we believe is acceptable about how we treat illnesses, there are some cultural practices that could result in life-treating outcomes for example, male circumcision done incorrectly by untrained professionals could result in death.

So, it is very important for students to do Life Orientation because it helps them with their future. School without Life Orientation would be like an ocean without water because this subject is like a power booster to other subjects.


Tell us: Do you agree with the writer that Life Orientation is an important school subject?