We all know how hard it is to lose someone you love and care about, and there comes a time when death separates us. We will have to ask ourselves questions. The 26th of July 2014 was one of the hardest times I ever had in my life. It was when my lovely, beautiful, kind Grandmother passed away. I cried asking myself if this was really happening. I felt so pale, but I only cried once because I could not let my emotions show off. She was an amazing woman who loved people. Every single day when I think about her I get so emotional; I really loved her with all my heart.

We spoke to each other as friends. We would laugh together and she had this lovely smile that I loved a lot. She always directed motivational words towards me. Before her death, she used to say that I must not be corrupt and do nasty things. She advised me to always concentrate on my school work. I promised her that I would do the right thing. I wish she could be here to see me grow up and become a successful young woman in life. We were very close to each other and I will always remember her.