Let me just say she showed up when I least expected. Well, no. Actually I bumped into her and I was happy with that “Oh my God” vibe. She was a lost friend from something like two years ago but when I met her it felt like I last saw her yesterday.

I will call this friend of mine Cee.

There was a time when God blessed me with a precious soul. He let a kind and a caring young woman in my life. I valued our friendship and she was one of my best girls.

It is not always through good journeys that you will meet good people.

I met Cee on the first semester of 2015. I met good people through that rough period and one of them became my closest friend. I always wonder where on earth I was going to find a good friend like her if I didn’t move to the city. She was a good friend; everyday I thanked God for her.

We were crazy and I mean very crazy. She was one of the people that I wouldn’t mind their presence even if it meant listening to her silly talks. Cee was my best lady and a day was too much without seeing her. She was a friend and a sister to me. Actually she was more like a family to me. Jy verstaan? Yes, that kind of a bond.

Are we still friends? I will get back to you about that one. Do I still love her? Yes, I still love her. She made my world bright when I thought it was dark. She was there for me when I needed her and most importantly, she loved me back.

True friends exist. Cee was a true friend. I didn’t just hear it with my ears that she was a true friend but I have also seen it with my eyes. If I don’t appreciate the friendship that we had, then I will never appreciate anything. What we had was great and I still feel the taste of it every day. We might have lost each other but the memories will never fade.

I was a good friend to her too and I cared. I might not have expressed my love to her enough but it doesn’t change how I felt about her in my heart.

Oh! I was telling you that I bumped into her and guess what? Cee hadn’t changed much. She still had that sense of humour and she still had that loud, funny laughter that I always longed to hear. She was once my perfect friend.

“If you have two friends in your lifetime, you’re lucky. If you have one good friend, you’re more than lucky.” – S.E Hinton.


Tell us: Do you have friends that you have lost contact with. What happened?