Thundering footsteps came across the door, I knew my husband was home. When he opened the door, the candle flame became dimmer, the image of the candle started disappearing and it lit up again when he shut the door. I looked at his face he was solemn; with his bag in the left hand, and a bottle of whiskey in the other hand. He could hardly walk as he unleashed the bag. I looked at him once again looking for the man I once fell in love with, trying to figure out what made him the man he is now. He came closer to me he was an alcoholic.

“Abigail my beautiful wife of so many years, I missed you today,” he said that with his deep husky voice, while placing the bottle of whiskey in his mouth. I did not even think of responding him, instead, I looked away from him with tears in my eyes. I made my way to our bedroom, which was now a boxing ring. He shouted as he also made his way to our bedroom.

“So you can’t talk now, you decided to keep quiet when I talk to you?” I was sitting on the bed; he came closer to me and started shouting again.

“I am tired of you; our marriage has become a nuisance. I am hungry go and make me something to eat.”

“Tony you want food? Go make it for yourself. Firstly you came home drunk making noise, then you expect me to jump whenever you say so. No I’m the tired one; you are making noise just shut up.” I protested while sitting on the bed.

“So you are protesting? Where do you get the nerve to talk to me like that?” I just kept quiet and looked away. He threw the bottle of whiskey on the floor, the sound of the bottle made me choke. I knew what was next; I knew that he was going to start beating me up like his puppet. He then came closer to me and dragged me on the floor, I was begging for his mercy and crying, but to him I was crying crocodile tears.

“I will make sure you remember this day when you think of back chatting me.” Tony said that while he took off my clothes and his, and he started forcing himself on me. While he did that, it felt like 1000 volts of electricity were shocking me going up my spine. When he was done I could barely move, he stood up and went to the bathroom.

He left me there on the floor beaten, corrupted lying in my own blood while I cried. Oh love is not supposed to be like this. I stood up and went inside my bed, I slept but it was not peaceful. I woke up early in the morning, I found Tony sitting on a chair in the kitchen. I did not even great him. I made food for us. I put sleeping tablets in his drink and I gave him his food.

“Thank you, about last night I am sorry I was drunk,” said Tony with his eyes on the floor.

“No problem, I understand.” I said knowing that I didn’t understand anything, I was tired of his abuse. He ate the food, a few minutes after eating he fell asleep. I tied him to the chair he was sitting on; I poured a bucket of water on his face. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised about what was happening.
“Abigail are you crazy? What are you doing? Untie me,” said Tony angrily.

“Tony I am tired of you and your abuse, it’s been seven years in this marriage but no peace. Today I will be fully awarded, I will get my revenge,” I said that while I took a grinder that was on the floor.

“Abigail I am sorry, please don’t do this,” said Tony with tears in his eyes.

“Today you will beg me and I will stop when I’m satisfied,” I laughed mockingly.

I started grinding his hands; he was screaming and begging me to stop. I didn’t, I just carried on and grinded his whole body into pieces. When I was done, I put his body pieces in big plastics. I placed them outside near the bin so they could be collected the next day. I started cleaning up the blood on the floor, with the things I had bought yesterday.

When I was done I went to sleep and slept like a baby, there was no Tony to shout at me.

The bins were supposed to be collected the day I threw Tony’s body, but it has been a week since they haven’t been collected. I started getting worried, people have been asking me where Tony was and there was a bad aroma coming from the bins. I was sitting on my couch when someone knocked and I said come in. I was surprised to see two police officers at my door.

“Good day police officers, how may I help you?” I asked while my body was shaking and my eyes were wide open.

“Good day mam, two days ago someone reported a bad smell. We came and checked we found out that it was your husband Tony. We also found out that you are responsible for this therefore you are under arrest for the murder of Tony Brown.”

I did not even resist because I knew I was guilty. Even though I went to jail I did not even care at least I got my revenge on Tony.


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