She was never good with words. She had her own mind. She always kept things to herself; talking was never part of her character. Mornings are no longer mornings without her. Not to mention nights, they are long and sleepless. I toss and turn every night wondering what really happened.

Nowadays I even create happy scenes in my head just to help me cope. I have so many questions and the only person who can answer them is the one that left without saying goodbye.

Maybe it was for the best but how dare she leave after promising me Heaven and Earth? Were all her promises lies? Did she know that she was never going to fulfil them?

Oh God, she left me with countless questions. Will my poor heart ever heal? I guess we will just have to wait and see. As they say, time heals but I will never get over the fact that she left without saying goodbye.


Tell us: Why are goodbyes so important?