One mistake changed my whole life. Everything changed from better to worse. It wasn’t me, but I have to suffer the consequences. She is happy out there, but I have to live with this burden over my shoulders. I sometimes try to avoid the situation, but it is always on my mind. I sometimes try to run away from the situation, but I can’t and my life is stuck. I have nothing, no one. Even if I run away I will have nowhere to go.

She made a huge mistake that changed my whole life. I no longer enjoy my splendid moments like I used to do. I no longer enjoy my own company because of the situation I am in. She is living happy, elsewhere, while what she did is killing my soul.

She took my freedom and happiness the day she decided to do wrong deeds. I just sat back and watched, acting as if I was not watching whilst I was.

I just feel like I don’t deserve to live. What she did took my confidence. She killed and buried the old me. I can even think that maybe I can enjoy life much better in heaven than on earth.

I just walk for the sake of walking. I just wake up for the sake of waking up. I just live for the sake of living, and I just do for the sake of doing. I tried many times, but I can’t. She killed and buried the old me.