Chelsea Blake was a fun girl I knew before she became a trans man. She was raised by a strict family. Her father is a retired Commander in some army. Mr Blake gave people the creeps when he grinned and gives you the evil eye.

In his house there were hard-core rules like: No boys allowed, no short garment, especially for Chelsea since she is the only girl, house chores must be done, or else you will get a hell of a hiding, Morris, Chelsea’s big brother, must not bring girls into the house, Chelsea and Morris must be home by five o’clock sharp, or else they will be grounded or go back where they’ve been.

He had so many rules. I am sure he could write his own bible of rules. The man was a control freak. I’ve always wondered how Chelsea became what she is. Chelsea had always been a man before her surgery. She was never one of those superficial girls who cared more about her nails, new hairstyles and boyfriend stuffs. She had lots of guy friends; she hung out with boys. I thought she was perhaps a lesbian.

She was a ravishing brunette who could have been somebody’s ideal girlfriend. At school, she played soccer with boys. I remember seeing her at the patio kissing Amorey Levine, who was the sexiest girl in school. Amorey was a mayor’s daughter and all the guys had tried to score with her but they failed. So Chelsea tried to turn the Levine girl, who Chelsea always had a crush on. Morris, being awkwardly envious of his sister’s exciting life, reported her to his Puritan father.

“I heard the disturbing news that you hang out with boys, and you’re playing soccer. You even kissed a girl. You are a disgusting little twerp. You are a girl!” said Mr Blake.

“I am not a girl! I am tired of being what you want me to be. I am trapped in this body. I love women like it or not,” she said.

Infuriated, Mr Blake slapped his daughter and said, “You’re no longer my daughter. You are nothing but a disgrace to this family. I do not want to see you set your foot in this house. No child of mine is a homosexual.”

That is the reason Chelsea left her home. She stayed with her girlfriend, and Mr Levine was so welcoming to Chelsea who just got disowned.

Look at Chelsea now; she is a successful businessman who has a beautiful wife. She is now a man. She is a he.

He was born a girl, now is a good looking young man who has short wavy brown hair and is robust. His voice has deepened and is no longer squeaking. He is rocking stylish suits and his new name is Kai Blake. It is a name she always dreamed of having if she were a boy.

As for Morris, he is a lowlife who sells crack and always get arrested for possession of illegal firearms. He has become an angry man as he abuses Mr Blake who is now in his old age. He misses Chelsea and regrets what he did to her, wishing he could take back that night.

Be yourself, at least Chelsea was never a coward. She followed her heart.


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