She has him in her, but he doesn’t have her in him. She can give birth, raise children, own a big successful business. She is strong in different ways.

She is the mother of all planets. She doesn’t only love herself, but other people around her. She would rather sacrifice eating so her children can eat. She would give up her bed so her children can sleep comfortably. She is strong.

Her power is not t of fighting or to prove to the world or to amass her ego. No, her power is of peace, power of combining nations, power of harmony, power of love and equality. Her power is just amazing.

She helps, guides and teaches. She makes sure that everyone is at peace and joyful.
If she is forced to work hard, she can. For her children, she can wear pants, wear boots and even wear a hard-hat and go underground and mine for her children’s sake. Yes she can. Don’t underestimate the power of her.

She is the strongest of all who lives. From chicken, cow, lioness, to even birds; she is simply strong. She is the pillar of strength.

All in all she is beautiful. She is amazing. She is so marvellous in her own beauty and love that it transcends to another level. Now, I don’t understand how he can harm her.

How can he mistreat and mishandle someone so innocent and someone who possesses so much love within her. I just don’t understand.

But I won’t ruin this message of her because of him. I won’t talk about him because this is her time. This is her space.

Let us respect women and treat them like humans, because that’s what they are.


What do you think of the type of woman described by the writer?