As the wind blew, with different flashing lights given by a rainbow, the sky turned blue-wish-white like immaculate milk, different voices made by pupils filled the air. It was an afternoon at school.

I was just standing outside the classroom, waiting for some friends. Suddenly the ‘Princess’ passed by and my emotions turned on like a blossoming flower as the sun gives off its radiance. All my dreams and wishes flashed before me, blindingly making me lose my sight. She was the one I fell in love with even before our memories existed. I loved that Princess. Loving was calming in such a way that I couldn’t even freak out as she passed by.

Mpumie was a short, beautiful princess and light-chocolate in appearance, actually she was my type. She was unique and different among all girls. Her behaviour attracted me to her so much that I fell for her. She was brilliant in school and that manipulated my ability to do more so that she could notice me. She was the top student overall in the whole school and loving her got me to be second. I was only the best with Maths and Physical Science.

Since we were in pre-matric and she was my classmate, I had been in love with her. It was the hardest thing pretending as if nothing was going on with my feelings. We were friends and I was very supportive. I remember one day she lost her pens and I went to the teachers to collect pens for her. She was that special.

But our friendship was ruined that one afternoon when I proposed my heart to her.

It was the 16th of June after the lessons. We were alone as usual and I suddenly realised that this could be my opportunity to talk to her. I wanted to tell her that I had spent the whole year thinking about her. But Mpumie was unpredictable – another of her qualities I loved.

I took a walk and approached her. I felt that love was in the air, what could go wrong. I kept wondering, fantasising about us as I was about to speak. I was scared but I swallowed my pride to steal her attention. That moment I felt like I was on top of the mountain, like was at the turning point. I let my feelings and my heart be expressed in her presence.

“Mpumie! I guess this could be my opportunity to cough out what’s torturing my heart.
My heart is a lead, it controls whom I love and whom I should not. You’re different and unique among all girls in such a way that I gained interest in you. The love I have for you now is beyond my expectation. Day-by-day it grows continuously. I kept holding my feelings towards you. However, this time I should bursts out. Your beauty, your eyes and your voice just deflects all my sufferings.”

I took a breath. She was still looking at me and I couldn’t read her face, so I continued.

“Every single moment I spend on thoughts; just closing my eyes, all alone thinking, visualising about you, Princess. I felt a strong feeling that I couldn’t even maintain it. I felt the love that existed before memories. Mpumie, I never felt this way before, that’s why I guess I love you. I really need you in my heart, to be the queen and assign all my dreams. I love you, Princess.”

While I was pumping out my heart’s contents, I felt like nobody was out in the world, that I was in a heaven-of-love with the girl. As she was looking in my eyes with her radiant eyes that reflected her interests about my proposal, I honestly detected popping red-hearts in her eyes as she was about to spell something out. Her eyes were filled with ‘unpredictable’ tears. I quietly gave her attention and waited her response.

“Edson, I can’t, though I understand your soul.”

She left me alone in the desert feeling like a Chihuahua.

Since then she avoided me and I lack the courage to let my heart continue flirting with the girl. But I promised her unconditional and true existing love and that is why I still love her even though she denied my love.