She was a decent girl, dark in complexion, beautiful and adorable. She was perfect and glowed from far. She was pure like an angel. She fell in love with her teacher and he did everything to please her. He would buy her expensive clothes and take her out. There came a time when her teacher needed to have sex with her. That was a difficult thing for her to do because she had never slept with a man before. She was in the lower grades at high school. She refused the first time yet the teacher didn’t stop asking her.

Her teacher kept on doing great things for her until she truly fell for him and needed him that deeply. A month later, her teacher asked her again to sleep with her. Although she doubted that she should, at lastly she agreed. Her teacher treated her as a queen. He made her to feel so special and treasured. He made her feel like a woman. She lost her virginity that night.

From then everything started to change. Her teacher no longer followed around and buying things for her. She kept on trying to get his attention but her teacher was over her. Time went and she was broken and hurt, she loved her teacher so much. She decided to let it go though it was a difficult thing for her to do.

She didn’t trust boys anymore, many came and proposed but she denied them. She stayed for a long time, alone, still coping from the situation. After two years, when she was doing her matric, things changed. She was cool and had healed from the scars her teacher gave her. She was fighting, studying so hard for her success. She wanted nothing to do with boys anymore and she didn’t believe in love again.

Unknown to her, there was a boy watching her from far, wanting her. He wanted a chance to talk to her. He loved the girl but couldn’t pluck the courage to approach her. He was dying inside. When he saw her he could feel actual horses running in his chest.

One day at school during break-time, he saw her sitting under the tree eating Nik-nacks, the sky was blue and the sun was in the middle of it, threatening to burn bushes. He was holding a bottle of juice and he went to her and greeted her. He offered her the juice and she was grateful because the sun was hot. They introduced one another and they became friends.

He treated her so special and made her feel welcome.

He fought to score points with her to be accepted but he supported her. After a month everything began to change. He finally proposed to her but she was surprised and told him she needs time. After three days she accepted him and they fell in love. He did everything he could to show her he loved her. He noticed the way things were and thought she was a virgin.

One day they were kissing, but that night everything was different; it was deep and magical. The film of her teacher and her was playing on her mind. She reacted strangely and he noticed and stopped. He asked her what was wrong. She decided to lie that she was a virgin and she was not ready to have sex. Because he loved her, he didn’t mind. He understood and continued to love her so much.

The boy loved her so much, he was grateful that his girl was a virgin. That had an effective work in his heart. He wanted to prove that was patient to his girl just because he loved her. After a month she learned that her boyfriend was honest, understanding, carrying and loving.

She trusted him so she became mindless to sleep with him. One day she told him that now she was ready for him. He became grateful but a little anxious too. He didn’t want her to do something that she wasn’t sure about. He asked her several times and she agreed on the same thing. He didn’t doubt that she was a virgin so he said it was now time.

They kissed so deeply and undressed one another. Everything was magical and deep. He had a condom with him. They continued with it; they slept together. During the sex on his bed, there was no blood, no crying, no pushing and no pain. After the sex, he looked at his girlfriend in her eyes, surprised and afraid. He knew then that she had chosen to lie. But now what else had she lied about?


Tell us: Would you have told the truth and risk being judged or would you also have lied about your virginity?