Once upon a time, there was a qualified teacher who was serving a school as an SGB educator. The teacher was committed to his work in such a way that he even took extra classes to improve the passing rate of the school.

Everything went well, results improved and enrolment increased. The problem started when the opportunity came. The Department of Education redeployed its member and the teacher was fired as his position was filled by that redeployed teacher. That SGB educator was left stranded with nowhere to go. God says when someone’s door is closed, the other one will open. Indeed, it was so as that SGB educator got a permanent job to another province.

Message to other fellow SGB educators, even if your hard work may be unnoticed. Know that with God by your side, you will get a permanent post. It’s just a matter of time. Things will turn around and be in your favour. Your gift will be forever in your hand and never be taken away from you. If you are an SGB educator, continue to work with all you have for the sake our brothers and sisters.

May God bless all SGB educators in the world! Thank you.


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