I am one with feeling.

I am one with living.

I am one with self-healing. Step onto the ceiling while I seize wishing stars from the pits of my skin, peeling them from unconscious wounds of the past. I have always lived my dream kneeling and putting God before the journey because I am one with his image. Let me speak my mind!

Never stop, back down, or be afraid to let yourself go. I am one with freedom from self-sabotage. Say it again and again! I am one with spirit, always hungry and fighting for a pat on the shoulder. I am one with a DREAM! I look at myself in the mirror and see a man looking at a boy with big dreams, dreams so big that life makes no sense without them.

My dreams haunt me like deja vu, like fire under my feet, and they never go out of sight or leave me without wonder. Nights turn into second days in a different universe, and my children, I can never let them go. I feel them screaming from the core, LET ME OUT!

I see it clearly now.

I see myself.

I am one with myself.


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