It feels like it’s a must. I don’t want to go but if I would allow how I feel to control me I would, but then what about my future? I know what I want so I’ll just insist on going there to get what I want so I can better my situation.

I remember when I was at the beginning of high school and how my life changed. I was from a good primary school with good education and good friends as well. When I went to high school my life changed, I didn’t have much friends and I didn’t fit in. The whole five years my life was literally horrible. The nicest experience was that I got to discover myself along the years.

In life sometimes if you don’t have the things that you believe you deserve, it makes you feel incomplete. You end up focusing on the negative meanwhile you should be looking on the brighter side of what you’re going through.

I loved my school work. I didn’t like going to school because I was feeling like an outcast. But my parents would push me a lot because they believed that it was all part of life and I needed to face such things. I would like to blame my parents for my own life challenges but I can’t. It’s not their fault life took me there to discover about my life and what it was all about.

Being different hurt me but it helped me because I didn’t go through what most other girls went through. When you have goals and want to better yourself you’ll go to school and forget about everything else, including all those silly things like as fitting in.

I know as people we see things differently; what I don’t see as important you might see it as important. But no matter what you went through, it really doesn’t matter and you don’t have to do the things or be like other people. Investing in your education is very important and the only way you’ll be able to get the things you want in life is if you start from school.

So, even when you’re in primary or high school or even tertiary, put your education in front and forget about the rest. I know it’s hard but you can really do it. And make your parents proud. Let those situations educate you, grow you and change you for the better.

School is important and it’s got the power of replacing everything that you have lost. I hope you change the way you look at things now and what you go through as well.


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