There is no right time to say goodbye, as sung by Chris Brown. It’s hard letting go of someone you love. It’s either you go or them, and as hard as it is for the both of you, but you have to let them go for your own good.

Crying can persist for days, months and years, but it will be for a good cause. Don’t dwell in the past but persist on moving forward. If we all moved backwards, where would we be? We have to move forward to carry on with our life. Sometimes when you decide it’s time to say goodbye, something might have happened for you to make that decision.

There are so many events which can lead to saying goodbye. It might be a person visiting, and when they leave they say goodbye. That’s a good thing rather than when you are saying goodbye to someone who took your heart; it’s hard and sad. There are always tears in this thing of saying goodbye.

Another goodbye is when we let go of the deceased when buried because you can’t believe that they are really gone for good. So, it’s a good thing to look ahead in life so that you don’t live in the past. Many people are sick because of the depression they suffer after losing a loved one.

It’s best to say goodbye, move on and carry on with your life as usual. Saying goodbye is not erasing them in your heart or thoughts, but it’s about finally letting go. When you find work in another country, kids cry when you are leaving, because they are busy thinking that you will never come back. As time goes on they will understand that you did it for a good cause.

I hate the word goodbye. It was hard moving forward after I lost my first love. I always miss him. We went to school together and planned our future. One day he proposed to me and I was very happy until he was taken away from the world. It’s been years, but I know he is at a resting place. It tore my heart apart and broke it into small pieces.

Every time I move, I date, but I just want someone to replace him. I understand why it’s said “You are irreplaceable”. No one will replace him; my heart and mind never forget him. He was my first love. I cried for days and months but I finally had to say my goodbyes. It was hard but it had to be done.

Things of the heart make me cry. I am too emotional. Things that concern the heart are complicated, especially if someone steals your heart then tosses it aside. You will feel hurt as if it’s the end of the world, but you still have the breath to carry on with your life!


Tell us what you think: How do you deal with saying goodbye?