You know, I see people, especially celebrities, busy fantasising about their ‘relationship goals’ (and all that) on their social media space. This got me questioning my understanding of romance.

What is romance? How can you be romantic? Who should be more romantic in a relationship? Boy or girl?

Some people say romance is the ability to surprise your partner. Therefore I ask, is there a need to be romantic to your partner? Most people say yes, because if you don’t, they get bored and lose spark in their relationship.

I think the response I got from most people I asked is true. Being able to wow your partner is important and healthy for any other relationship. Your wallet or your bank account doesn’t determine your ability to be romantic. Romance is not about buying your partner an amazingly beautiful house, or buying a pretty amazing car. No. Romance is a little thousands things you do. At the end of the day what really counts is the thought, right?

Bringing a hot cup of coffee for your partner after work. Planning a nice get-away vacation. If she looks tired after dinner, clearing and washing dishes in the kitchen. That’s romance. That’s being considerate of others.

Sharing is caring after all. So why don’t you share about your day with to your lover? Why don’t you lend him/her your ear while s/he is confiding in you?

You see, love is just a little thousand thoughts and consideration for others. Let’s just love each other. And remember these words by a reggae musician, “In this life, there is someone for everybody.” Don’t give up on love just yet.


Tell us: What does being romantic mean to you?