Two siblings, well raised, humble, smart and young, were left alone to take on life in this wicked world with nobody by their side. Thando the eldest was a respectful brother and Thembi, the little sister was sensitive. They were robbed their lovely mom after she was jumped by two unknown two heartless bastards. They took her belongings, raped her and left in the cold fighting for her life for hours.

Unfortunately when she was found the next morning she was already gone. She had battled heavy bleeding, freezing and physical pains. Their mother was a nurse who worked late nights and early mornings. She used public transport and it was not always safe in the townships to travel to the taxi rank; anything can happen. Now their poor mom’s death was a true example of how bad things can be in our townships.

Thando had just matriculated with flying colours at the age of seventeen and his plan was to go study Journalism in one of the biggest universities in South Africa. His fifteen-year-old little sister was still doing Grade 10. Thando was concerned about how were they going to survive financially if he goes to varsity; who was going to look after Thembi? But their mother was a God fearing woman and she used prayer as the tool to survive blowing winds and flooding storms of life.

“You know what sis, I don’t think I should go to varsity this year. I can get a job so I can help pay your school fees and put food on the table. Won’t be such a big deal, you only have two years left then we can go together.”

“No Thando, you know exactly how Mom felt about this gap year thing. I’m sure we’ll do just fine with our savings, at least I hope so.”

These poor kids were too young to be dealing with this on their own. The relatives sure kept their distance. Thando decided to register his studies online with UNISA so he can find a part time job as well, problem solved. There was an uncle, on their mother’s side, who visited them often. He was just a poor man who had nothing to offer them but his love and emotional support. They both loved and trusted uncle Boyce.

Taking on a job and studies at the same time wasn’t easy at all for this young man. He went through late nights, early mornings and extremely busy days. He found himself dozing off on the couch with exhaustion many times. Thembi played her part by doing house chores, cooking and laundry just to show her brother how much she appreciated his hard work. Besides was there any other way to prosper in their hardships except practising solidarity?

Three years later Thando was working for one of the biggest media companies in Mzansi. His little sister was enjoying life of independence while she was studying teaching and staying at the University. Life changed for the better for the siblings.


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