My right is to have a shelter. All children and elders in the whole world must have a shelter to live. If you don’t have a place to live you can’t survive because it’s cold, and when it’s cold there are diseases that get you.

People who live on the streets usually end up doing wrong things because they don’t have a choice. Reasons that lead people who live on the streets to do wrong things include being hungry, and some of them steal money to buy drugs. So we have a right to have a shelter so that we can have security by our parents and have a bright future.

My freedom as Sihle, I have a shelter, and I’m in a community center. We help people who don’t have parents or older people at home. We help them by giving them food and clothes. So South Africa, please let us stay in walls at home. It’s not good to not have a shelter because you don’t have a healthy life.

So children and elders, let’s not leave our homes for just little things. Let’s stay at our homes so that we can study and have a bright future. My freedom is to be welcome in the world and respect people and to have a shelter, food, clothes, and education. So South African children, let’s take our books and go back to school because we are the leaders of tomorrow.