I am an Orphan.

“Some people come into your life and leave some engraved memories that make you sad anytime you remember them”


One of these people in my life is Daniel. Daniel was a school mate back in Primary school and part of secondary school. I have known Daniel and his family for some years but along the line, they moved away. Years later, I met Daniel again at the Admin block of University. We did the registration process together and we decided to live together when classes started.

My mistake is that I trust people easily: I trusted Daniel. Weeks later, Daniel called and told me that he found a room for us, and I should send my share of the rent to secure the room immediately. I checked my bank account, a trust fund baby, much thanks to dad’s investments; I still had enough to finish school, so I sent the money to the bank account he gave me.

Time passed and classes were starting soon. I was very relaxed thinking I already had a room to live in. I packed all my necessary belongings and set off to campus. When I got out of the cab at the school gate, I decided to call Daniel for the address of the room we had secured. I dialed his number and heard the network provider saying “the number you are trying to call does not exist, please check the number and try again.” I checked and dialled several times, but it was same news. Daniel has dumped me, I had to accept the bitter truth.

I later secured another hostel and I tried all my best to look for him but to no avail.

Now, I am now a Graduate Assistant in the same Varsity, Daniel is still here sitting for a failed paper that I’m invigilating. I have every opportunity to do as I like, I now truly know karma is a bitch, and I thinking of how many ways I can use to punish Daniel.


Tell us: If you were the narrator would you punish Daniel?