Thinking that it doesn’t bode well right? I think everybody has power over their own life. As an individual you understand your own being, like how to deal with the challenges you’re experiencing, your happiness; let me say whatever is occurring in your life by and large.

Yet, first you ought to believe, believe that everything happens for a reason. Your mind is an exceptionally incredible piece of your being. Whatever you think, your mind will react to it. Let me fix that, it isn’t your mind precisely, yet your subconscious mind I allude to, as it has a deeper mind. Control your mind, think positively, believe in what you are making progress towards; have confidence with the goal that you’ll one day get the outcomes you need.

I’ll clarify using what I’ve encountered in the recent past. I have been battling with persistent headaches, they were giving me major issues; I was even doubting my faith in healing. I went to see a doctor because these headaches were beginning to control my life and I just couldn’t bear the pain and the doctor said it was a severe migraine. I panicked and was so scared and the worst thing was that I was in grade 12. The school work pressure was only a weight which led me to have panic attacks and increased my anxiety. We thought I had respiratory implications however, everything was normal from the results I got. I really didn’t think I’d make it in matric. But then here I am, I made it, you know why; faith, confidence and positive thinking. I didn’t get the results I needed, but I made it anyway.

I’m a major devotee of the late Joseph Murphy. He is a writer of my preferred book ,“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. This book truly helped me, it changed the manner in which I think about the things I am experiencing, the thoughts I have. It taught me to never say “things are getting worse, I don’t know what to do”.

Yet at the same time these headaches were still a problem until early this year, 2020, but then my subconscious mind didn’t cooperate because of doubt. It’s not a simple thing to handle doubts and lack of confidence, it requires some serious energy. Yet on the off chance that you continue trusting it, you will get the outcomes when you wouldn’t dare hope anymore.


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