There are a lot of people that have always looked down on themselves. People who have never appreciated themselves but wait for others to appreciate them. Those kinds of people don’t that what is important is for them to appreciate themselves.

You need to be someone who is able to appreciate your good deeds and not wait for your friends, neighbours, and other people to appreciate you. If you wait for others to appreciate you so that you can see your greatness, then you are inadequate. This means that you have not really discovered your true self. You have not yet discovered your importance and your worth.

When you wait for other people to appreciate you, you place your life in their hands. You need to know that those people might not always appreciate your life. They can even say bad things about you. They can even gossip about you and even end the friendship if they choose to do so.

As such, it is better to be appreciating your life. See your value every day of your life and not wait on others to determine your value. You are very special and deserve happiness. When one realises the true importance of appreciating oneself, one grows. So stop comparing your life with others, for everyone’s life is different from everyone else’s.


Tell us: Do you agree that relying on others is an insult? Why or why not?