A long time ago when I was still a young boy I was used to dating more than one girl at a time. That was all because I never trusted any girl after being betrayed by the girl I was in love with. That was the pain that nobody can heal and I leaved with that pain for a long period.

As time went, I planned to be single because my relationships never lasted long. All what I know about relationships was spending money with girls and having sex with them.

One day I decided to go to church and try to forget about the rest. That was where I became single for months. My life was really different to many people around me. Most people gave me all the respect a person needs and when it comes to school, I was coping.

One good night, it was about 8 months of being single, I had a dream about a young beautiful girl wearing a school uniform from Jonothani. We were kissing each other. After 2 weeks I met a girl whom I knew but on that day she was looking very different from other days.

I started having dreams about her up until we met again, that was a very special day to me because I was single for a long time. This girl was all I needed in my life and dating her was just a blessing because I was able to date her without any plan of finding any girl.

We have been together for 5 years now and have 2 children together. That just made me realise that giving yourself time, being single, leads to something grate.