Each and every one of us lives our daily lives hoping that we don’t encounter some form of rejection. Even though we might not feel that it’s possible, once in a while we will go through something in our lives that makes us feel rejected. It may be that we are denied a job opportunity or a chance to be loved or a chance to love. Maybe the bank simply declines the offer of a loan.

The funny part is how people respond to this rejection. Rejection can make a person have poor or decreased confidence levels which could lead to a low self-esteem. Some people end up with depression or being mentally deranged while the unlucky may even end up in mental institutions. And those who are wealthy enough can spend their money on therapy sessions, listening to shrinks who tell them to calm down. Although in the history of calming down no one has ever calmed down by simply being told to “calm down”.

So my questioning is around getting through this form of disappointment or nightmare which causes deep heartache due to rejection. In my days of rejection I was told to scream. It wasn’t necessarily the best solution. What is then? Do we recommend that people who are experiencing pain from rejection go on vacation? If so, then what about the financially less fortunate who can’t afford this? Or does every different kind of rejection need it’s very own kind of remedy.

I embarked on a journey of research using Google search engine, looking for ways to treat this life threatening condition and I found some very interesting answers. However, the more I thought about the possible answers, the more I realised that they were just someone else’s ways of dealing with their very own and unique form of rejection.

It would be the best universal discovery if someone was to come up with a theory on how to deal with rejection and every one would be happy. But we should keep in mind that if that were to happen, we will never learn how to pick ourselves up after a downfall. We will never know the definition of inner strength or how to react simply to another person who is saying NO to us.

According to me, opportunities are endless. If you failed at a job interview a better job will lie ahead. In matters of the heart, the right partner will come along. If you need a loan and encounter rejection, perhaps you are meant to win the lottery.

The remedy to rejection is that we should learn to live with it. It makes us stronger and some of us would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the fact that someone out there rejected us. I guess Shakespeare should have said “Rejection be not proud” instead of “Death be not proud”.


Tell us what you think: How do you handle rejection?