I have come across many obstacles in my life, some left me feeling useless. I lost one important thing, “destiny”. I forgot where I am going. I forgot what I wanted to achieve. I forgot who I wanted to make proud.

I became frustrated. I broke my knees then I found myself lying on the cold floor in winter. I felt hot when it was cold and I felt cold when it was hot. I became trapped down in the mud. My eyes were blurred and I didn’t know how to compare grey and white. I felt lost and stuck. When I came across the robot I complicated my mind, I didn’t identify colors clearly. When the wind blew, I fell. I didn’t find the courage to balance myself.

After living a life of lost destiny, I came across people and some challenges that undoubtedly gave me a helping hand in rediscovering my destiny. I waved to my sister Mpho Mafunise, the girl who spoke to me every day about the word of God. She is a saint that daily led me to a world of light. She is a helping hand to rediscovering my destiny that I lost along the journey.

“You cannot serve a big God and remain small,” those are the words she always spoke to me. I met her through her organization, Be that girl, which aims to empower girls academically and socially. I was in Grade 12 then. Mpho advised me to pray in every situation.

“You must pray during the good and bad times, no matter how happy or sad you are, keep praying. No matter how disappointed or satisfied you are do not stop praying. Prayer is the key to every door that you have to pass by. Prayer breaks every chain; the power of a praying girl can break every stone into pieces,” Mpho said.

Munyai Phumudzo, my high school classmate, told me to behave in a way that even when I was hurt, I must find a better way to express it. This helped me to maintain a good relationship with other people out there. I then was able to control my anger so that I could solve problems with other people that did not include fighting.

My friends Nemakonde Dzinani, Monyayi Onnetulusa, Mukwevho Takalani, Nephawe Dembe and Nemalili Esther Faithfulness, are responsible in helping me see opportuniy in every difficulty in my life. Every word that comes from their mouth keeps my heart beating daily and I truly appreciate that as a friend.

Oh it would be a mess forgetting Mahambane Phyllishia, a girl from the village, a girl whom I can call a closely related friend. She’s the one who believed in my writing and encouraged me to keep going with it. She encouraged me to send my creative writing to FunDza. I can say it with pride that I have someone who believes in me from the village. I wouldn’t be rediscovering my destiny if it wasn’t for her.

To fully rediscover my destiny I should first destroy every negative word that is in my head. Words like, ‘you can’t make it’ can be replaced with ‘you can make it’. Words like, ‘it is very hard’ can be: ‘it’s very easy’. I want to make it a point that I can accomplish a goal with determination and fulfillment. That needs me to know who I am, where I come from and where I am going.

Rebuilding and strengthening my dignity is part of rediscovering my destiny. I want to kill every negative thought that is within my mind right now. I tend to be negative so the time has come to put that to an end.

Then I asked myself: what is passion?

Passion is when you thirst or hunger for something, it’s craving. Another question popped: how can one be passionate? So to be the kind of girl who is passionate you must have desires to decorate yourself. You must have an appetite to change your life from shadows to clearness, you must have an appetite to change your family background, and you must have an appetite to be educated.
The words ‘passion to be educated’ gave me the courage to go through self-career guidance. I should’ve mentioned that I am in a gap year with a Bachelor’s pass and distinctions. I matriculated in 2017 at Milton Mpfumedzeni.

I have my matric results and prospectus of different universities. I qualify on many courses of different faculties but the question was, which route should I take? Should I go to Health Sciences, Engineering, Science and Math, Law, Faculty of Education and Commerce?

I couldn’t be able to choose so I applied to all those faculties. When time passed I was busy job shadowing and I ended up cutting the list to: Health Sciences, Education and Commerce. Looking at the bigger picture a health occupant is always needed by a Charted Accountant and all those two need an educator to end up there.

Through all self-rediscovering I learnt that if you are immersed in positivity, your passion will always lead you to where you want to reach. The passion you have in the inner soul will completely open doors for you and make you the most passionate girl.


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