Sean and Joy fell in love in a mysterious way. Joy was having a hard time trying to resolve her troubled relationship with Gift. Sean was falling for Donna but she was not interested. Donna came face to face with Sean and said

“Boy, you are kind and nice, but I don’t fall for my friends,” Donna said to him. Sean tried to convince her otherwise, but she made it clear that she was not up for it. After school Sean and Joy were walking together, when Joy received a message from Gift.

Hi baby, I am no longer interested in small time relationship.

Sean sensed that something was wrong.

“Do you really want someone to love?” Joy asked.

“Yes, I do. Do think I could play with a thing like this?” Sean said and Joy laughed. “Why are you laughing?”

“You haven’t been in a relationship before, and you think you want to deal with such things?”

Sean was surprised. “You’re happy in a relationship,” he said.

“Yes I was happy, but not anymore,” said Joy crying.

“What happened?”

“See for yourself.”

Sean read the message, he felt heart broken. It was clear that Joy and Sean needed a shoulder to lean on. As he was giving Joy a hug, they kissed, by mistake. It took Sean by surprise and Joy was ashamed to look at Sean in the eye. He grabbed her hands and said, “Maybe this is how we are supposed to start our relationship.”

Deep inside Joy knew that it could work out well for them, but she said no. Sean’s heart was broken for the second time that day.

Donna had feelings for Sean but she didn’t want to be hurt him. Donna had cancer; she knew she didn’t have much time. She kept a diary and in it she wrote of her feelings for Sean. At night Sean kept sending texts via WhatsApp to Donna. Donna did not respond to any of those texts.

On the other hand Joy was texting Sean.
“Hi Sean, I missed you. Sorry about what happened.

Sean read that text three times and wished it was Donna.

Do you really miss me or you feel like you are bored?

I wasn’t myself earlier, and yes I am bored. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t want us to be in a relationship.

Why you think you want this now?

You’re lovable and I love you.

Let’s talk tomorrow at school

What’s there to talk about, don’t you want this to work?

I want it baby replied Sean.

In the morning Donna had a sudden change of heart and sent a message to Sean.

Hi, I can feel that you are serious about this but can you please wait till exams end?

But she was out of airtime and did not notice that the message was not sent. Sean and Joy started dating. They kept it a secret at Joy’s request. Joy’s boyfriend apologized and Joy took him back. Sean wasn’t aware that Joy and Gift were dating again.

Donna was still waiting for Sean’s response. She was surprised that Sean didn’t pay much attention to her at school. On her way home Donna’s diary fell and one of Sean’s friends picked it and gave it to Sean. He thought he would find something that could help him win her. He stopped thinking about Joy that very moment. He found out all he needed and more, but now he was confused about who is the one to date between Joy and Donna.

He didn’t know it was time up for Donna and she ran out of breath the same evening.

Joy sent a message by mistake to Sean.

Hey Gift, I love you but I don’t trust you like before and you know that I only love you.

Sean, in anger, responded: Okay, but you texted a wrong number.

Joy knew that minute that Sean will leave her.

The following morning Sean got an SMS telling him that his friend had passed on. He didn’t know the number and he didn’t bother to find out. He took his school bag and went to school.
In class Sean didn’t see Donna anywhere. Joy came over to Sean’s table and asked if everything was okay. Sean didn’t respond. She looked into his eyes deeply like an eagle, and asked him the same question again. Before Sean could respond, the head teacher demanded the class’s attention.

“Life is not something we can keep forever,” the teacher said before she sadly told them that Donna was no longer with them.

Sean was so sad and very angry with himself, as if he could have done something to save her. Sean took his bag and went home before his second class. Everyone was shocked. It was a tragic moment for the whole school. On his way home, Sean had an accident and was taken to hospital.

He was in a critical condition and spent three weeks at the hospital. When he was discharged he was angrier that he even missed Donna’s funeral. Things were complicated; he was so stressed that he wasn’t able to continue with school. Gift and Joy were now in good terms; Joy was so serious, while Gift did what he did best; he was a good cheater.