The goal is an aim set before your limitations. You could decide when to achieve this greatness. We all set the finish line, but not all of us see our journey before the destination. The choices you make now could either walk you to your destination or leave you half way before the final destination. Reinforce the choices you make before the destination.

The same way blood cannot be separated, is the same way goals and visions cannot be separated. It both works hand-in-hand. Once you have a vision of where you are going and have the determination, then you will make it. Always see beyond what others see. Always think bigger and always have a positive attitude towards any calamity.

Each one has a great talent given by master, God. Squandering it is like threatening your destiny. Do not allow anyone to set an agenda before you. If you once succeeded in your past, then do not allow yourself to freeze and not do more. Do not feel too comfortable with your current situation. Your past success was only a mirror to see what you’re capable of, and do not stop there. Explore the explosion within you.

The journey was never promised to be an easy way out. The potential in you is yet to be seen by a world that would never understand how, why and when it happened.

Invest your time on things that will make you great.


Tell us: How do you plan to reach your goals?