Trigger warning: Please note this piece may contain graphic or sensitive content that may offend or upset some readers. You are advised to read at your own discretion.

It’s dangerous to trust a person because it takes one person to betray you with the secrets you trusted them with.

One day my friend and I were walking down the street, we saw a car stop fast in front of us, they grabbed us quickly. We couldn’t see who they were, because they disguised themselves with balaclavas, but I heard their voices, they were boys.

The second day they first raped my friend in front of me and then they came towards me, they pushed me, but I became brave. I took the knife and killed them, I didn’t mean to. I cared for my friend. I had a chance to escape before they got me, but I did it for my friend.

She called the police and reported me and told them that l killed a person. I got arrested because I tried to help her, as she was my best friend.


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