Rapule, Rapza, Raption or Raptone, I go by many names. I can’t even list them all. I am what I am because of people who surrounded me during my childhood. I’m an idol of someone back at home. I am every parent’s child-dream, the golden child. I am Rapule by full name.

People talk behind my back, some speak the true facts that build inspirations. Some always see things differently, like no good from it but only disappointment. I’m not perfect, I made mistakes and learned from them. What hurt me made me stronger and made me realise I’m a human being. The name Rapule says it all, no need for the explanation. I bring tears of joy when I’m around, just like raining on a sunny day with the beauty of the rainbow. I am the last of my kind, The Rapule Rain Father.

You maybe think I made all this sweet and kind, the truth is, I haven’t. This is all what people say about me. If it was possible I would have recorded every moment of my life, to show the world who Rapule truly is.

I see the world differently, that made me a wanted guy around my area, a lifeless boring person. I’ve tried to fit in with different activities that every young person goes through. Some were interesting at the beginning but ended up as a waste of time. I chose what was best for me.

Remember, I’ve said I’m not perfect, I made mistakes like everyone. But all that is dependent on you, what you want in your life. Do you change from your mistakes and gain nothing but wisdom, or are you going to live your life like there’s no tomorrow? Remember we live once, don’t mistakenly think that means do all stupidity and have no regrets about your actions. Use that opportunity to make a mark that will make your name a legend.

I’m not here to lecture you. But I’m trying to summarise who Rapule is. The rest is up to you to picture anything from the piece of what I’ve said about him. I know it’s not much, but this is what I am.

Oh, and one last thing, you don’t have to agree or be like me. I’m the only one, Rapule, the messenger through reality. Remember that!

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