The best things in life don’t come easy because quality is not cheap. All things that come easy are cheap. Fake friends don’t last. They soon lose their value and depreciate rapidly. They lose the whole rhythm and meaning of the real and true things. But fake is fun and enjoyable while quality a lot more serious, boring and draining.

It takes a lot of energy, sacrifices and good time. Quality is a long-term investment, everlasting peace and satisfaction, while fake is short-term and gives us immediate satisfaction and happiness.

Good things come to those who wait but not just wait and do nothing though. Good things are paired with hard work, hence the saying “Hard work pays.” It takes time, patience, sacrifice and a lot of compromise to build a house or even a home, to build a career, to earn
good money or even to build a true and solid relationship. All these things are good, admirable and desirable.

Everybody wants to have all of them. It’s everybody’s dream to own or live a better or even a great life. But all of them don’t come cheap and they don’t just happen overnight. They require a lot of time, strength, energy and money. They also cause and cost too much stress, headaches and sleepless nights.

They can be painful too. It takes a lot of investment to achieve big things in life. Not all that glitters is gold and not all the beautiful, shiny stones are diamonds. Learn to appreciate, value and tolerate every single and simple good thing you have in life.

Give your best and prioritise everything and everybody you consider important in your life. Let us not only hear but see you in action. Good people value the best things because they know that in as much as good things take time to be achieved and fulfilled, they can also take the snap of a finger to be destroyed. Be careful not to destroy good things over petty things in order to avoid unnecessary regrets.

Take time to think and plan what you need and want. Pursue it strategically, passionately and wholeheartedly. Be sure not miss a step because every step is important and it counts.