One morning, instead of the usual, I was preparing to meet up with my boyfriend Tshepiso, whom I see once in a while. He was my soulmate. He called.

“Moratuwa,” he said.

“My king, is everything okay? You sound down,” I asked.

“Can we talk? It’s urgent, please,” Tshepi said.

“OK, usual spot or?”

He had dropped the call.

My eyes popped! I did not know how to feel but I knew that the love of my life was planning on leaving me. After everything?

I called over my personal helper, Mr Jeffrey.

“Aubuti J, please accompany me to see Tshepi,” I pleaded.

“Are we walking or driving?” he asked.

“You decide today, I have a lot on my mind.”

“Troubled? Him? A ba dirileng yanong hayi Tshepi wabatho!”

“He might end things today. He hardly wants to see me lately but I can’t lose him, Aubuti, he’s my everything,” I sobbed.

“Kana rato o tla e kopisa tlhoho, I know you very well and I know him too. You both love each other dearly. He won’t leave you maiskat. Just have faith,” he consoled.

I silently cried. Mr. Jeffery drove to the secret place and dropped me off. We were early.

“You can leave, I’ll call you to fetch me later on if needed,” I said.

I should have suggested walking, now I am early and pissing my pants, I thought. It had been over an hour.

“Moratuwa, are you OK?” Tshepi asked.

“Ah T, you took forever to get here. What was so urgent? What’s going on? I even tried calling you, Tshepi!”

“OK chill, bathong! I bought your favourite meal with me,” Tshepi said.

“Mam’Angies’ braaied chicken and pap?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes! I just wanted to clear my head. Mama passed away two days ago and I only found out now! I can’t believe nobody told me! I can’t take the pain any more, Lee. It hurts, baby,” he sobbed.

We went to my apartment and Tshepi helped me take a bath and he warmed up my food. It’s mad crazy how he was so serious but yet so gentle. I wondered what he looked like. I imagined him tall, dark and handsome like Shaka Zulu. Whenever he called me ‘moratuwa’ I just melted. It pained me to feel his pain and hurt.

“Baby, ke maswabi thata ka mama empa tseba gore ke tla nna ke go, I’m sorry about mama but I will support you in everything. Just let me in hle kao kupa please don’t keep this to yourself, Tshepi!”

“Go tla siama mme, don’t stress much about it,” he said.

“Come closer, you’re sleeping over, right?” I asked.

“Ja but for tonight only. I have to help with the funeral arrangements.”

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