In the town of Ajelogo in Oyo State, there was a beautiful lady named Adumadan. She was from the family of chief Odubanku who was a prominent hunter. Adumadan was advised to marry because she was ageing fast but she did not listen because her beauty was deceiving her.

Many came to woo her but she even abused and rejected the most audacious one among them. One of them was Aramanda. She said that he looked like a pig and also called him a glutton. Aramanda cursed her that her pride would lead to her fall.

One day, a charming Prince appeared from nowhere and went straight to chief Odubanku’s compound to ask for Adumadan’s hand in marriage. Adumadan, on sighting the Prince, fell head over heel in love with him. Her parents tried to caution her but, she didn’t listen; they tried to plead with her but all their pleas fell on deaf ears. Nobody could tell where the Prince came from.

The marriage ceremony took place with great festivities. Everyone was lavishly entertained. The wedding was the talk of the town. Friends and family bid the newly-weds farewell for their journey to the Prince’s kingdom.

The Prince, Adumadan his wife and his servants started their journey. They walked and walked until they reached a spot. The first servant saluted the Prince and said: “Prince Kokosari, I have done my part.”

He changed into a monkey and climbed the tree. Adumadan was about to ask the Prince what that was all about but he gave her a dead glare, so she had to keep mute. They continued their journey till they reached another spot. The second servant saluted the Prince.

“Prince Kokosari, I have done my part.” He said and changed into a vulture and flew away. This happened to the third, fourth and fifth servants. Once they reached a spot they would salute the Prince and changed into different animals. By now Adumadan was trembling with fears because once she decided to talk, the Prince would give her a dead glare.

What they didn’t notice was that the Prince had changed into a big cobra. Adumadan was crying out for help but no one could help her. She heard laughter and turned. She came face to face with Aramanda.

“I told you your pride would lead to your fall,” he said and he disappeared.

The cobra used its tail to drag Adumadan and she was never seen again.


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