I was and am happy with my skin. But what can I say? I’m albino. Walking away from every problem is not a solution. Facing it and solving the problem is the solution. Live your life fearless, courageous and with bravery.

You can be called many names in your life but never give up on trying because those who try never fail. Being an albino is not a crime and it will never be because God created us all with different skin colours.

Be proud of your skin because it’s your greatest gift. You can feel bad because of the name you have been called by people but how does it matter to you? Focus on your goal and dreams of becoming somebody in the future, that’s when you will shut people’s mouths and they will praise and respect you. You don’t need to explain to anyone because you were born, nobody can change that. I’m proud being albino.

Tell us: Are you proud of your skin colour?