He who art in heaven is dressed in a long robe with a gold strip of cloth around his chest

He who art in heaven his hair on his head like wool as white as snow. His eyes are like a blazing fire, his feet are like bronze metal glowing in a furnace, his voice sounds like rushing waters.

He who art in heaven holds seven stars in his right hand, coming out of his mouth. It’s a sharp sword with two edges, his face is like the sun shining in all its brightness

He who art in heaven who died and came to life again. He who art in heaven holds the keys to death and hell. Glory and power belong to he who art in heaven, he who loves us! He has set us free from our sins by pouring out his blood for us he has made us members of his royal family

Look! He is coming with clouds! Every eye will see Him. Even those who pierced Him will see Him. All the nations of the earth will mourn because of Him.

He who art in heaven walks among the seven golden lampstands. He who knows what you are doing, he who knows you have tested those who claims to be apostles but are not, he who knows that you have found out that they are liars

He who knows that you suffer and are poor. But you are rich! He who knows some people say that they are Jews but are not. He who knows that their words are evil. Their worship comes from Satan.

He who knows that the devil will put some of you in prison to test you. He who knows you will be treated badly for ten days. Be faithful, even if it means you must die. He who will give you life as your crown of victory

He who art in heaven will not let that person be hurt at all by the second death. Whoever has ears should hear.


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