There was a division between all animals on Crawford farm, with the pigs being the liberators to the freedom of all animals. The shed that all the animals were gathering in was the place where all the different animal parties came together.

After time the pigs while being praised as heroes now became selfish and greedy in comparison to all other animals, this brought about the different animal parties.

Second to the pigs was the horses, most animals were in fear that the horses might become like their previous dictators. The third animal party was the goats with their constant bleating they were generally known for interrupting proceedings in the shed.

All other animals of the farm simply put their trust in the animal party they put into power by way of votes. Voting was simple all animals excluding the horses, pigs and goats were to put a stone in the colour box of the representing animal parties. Black signifying the pigs, blue the horses and red the goats.

“Silence!” screamed a high ranking pig of the pigs party.

Due to the fact that the pigs were in charge of the farm most of their members presided over the shed. The shed of the farm was the most secret place for it was at the shed that their great rebellion begun. The debate was now in session as all animals parties begun their arguments.

“Superior Pig the land is now barren and infertile for ploughing and planting. Clearly your leader Augustus has proven to be now incompetent of leading the farm. Due to the conditions of land no cow or donkey can labour on the land, thus these very animals have no other employment,” said the leader of the horse party, Zeno.

All the other farm animals in attendance were applauding the oratory skills of Zeno. The goats began bleating as their leader now was to make his speech.

“Superior Pig, your leader Augustus has been guilty of his indulgence of resources in the farm. However, not only that most of the animals live in broken dwellings. Worst of all Augustus is planning to trade with the Leo family of Eastulus farm,” said Magnentius leader of the goats.

The law of Crawford stated that the animal party that won by way of votes was the party’s whose members were to be presiding officials in the shed. The following positions were; mediator, judge and law maker of the ruling party.
Due to the fact that the pigs were the ruling party all positions were occupied by a pig. Thus, there was no equality or any fairness towards the horse and goat parties. The goats began their bleating as soon as Augustus began his speech of how he will improve the farm.

“Ring the bells!” said one of the pigs.

Immediately the dog guards burst into the shed. Ruthlessly the dogs began dragging out the goats from the shed. Fear was the dominating weapon of the pig party, no animal dare vote against the pigs. The horses dutifully left the shed for they knew all proceeding in the shed was nothing but a farce.

Augustus was laughing in the face of all the chaos and pandemonium that was ensuing finally both the horse party and goat party was gone from the shed.

“Now our goal is proving labour to the donkeys and cows. Also to give enough food rations to all animals. We plan to ensure good negations with other farms as well; we will increase security against the thieving rats too. Lastly I will make sure that every young animal be given a chance in the new Crawford farm,” said Augustus in conclusion of his speech.

“Didn’t leader Augustus say that 3 years ago?” asked the astute swan.

“Quiet let’s just hope this time he will fulfil his promise,” said a duck who was hoping that Crawford farm didn’t become a different form of oppression.


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