Once upon a time in a tiny town called Pig Valley, there lived a family of pigs of whom the King was very fond. The father Lucas could play the violin so well that it calmed the King. His music brought great pleasure to the King and his family, so they always invited him to the palace when there was an event. No matter how small the event was, even if it was a birthday party, Lucas, together with his wife Emily, would be called to the palace.

The couple had two sons, Pingu who was their oldest and Piglet their youngest. Pingu always responded to authority, he automatically knew that children were supposed to listen to their parents. He had no problem with following the rules and obeying his parents. Piglet on the other hand was the complete. It was like he attracted trouble somehow and he was rebellious by nature. He always found ways to avoid his chores, dodge his parents and get into trouble.

One Saturday morning the postman brought a letter to the family, it was a letter from the King. There was going to be an engagement party for his eldest daughter Pride. As always he required the services of Lucas. Emily enjoyed these visits to the palace; they were always treated like royalty — she felt like one of the princesses. She enjoyed the dancing, the food, the games and performances. Her favourite performance was that of her husbands’ of course. She was so proud of him and beamed with pride whenever he performed. She would tell anyone next to her, “That’s my husband”, with a wide smile on her face.

“We must pack immediately,” Emily said to her husband.

“Oh yes dear, right away,” said Lucas.

“You are leaving again?” asked Piglet.

“Yes dear we are,” replied his mother. “Do not worry, your aunt Pertunia will come and look after you. You like her, don’t you?”

Piglet looked at his mother and said, “I like you more mom, I prefer you looking after me.”

Emily looked into her son’s eyes and smiled at him then he pulled him closer and kissed his forehead, “We are only going away for the weekend my love.”

Piglet seemed to give in and nodded, “Okay mom I guess I can stay with aunty for one weekend.”

On Friday evening Aunty Petunia arrived as requested by her sister. She had a bubbly personality and always seemed to be happy.

“Hello! Hello everyone! How is everyone doing?”

Pingu and Piglet came running to their aunt almost sending her to the ground, but she managed to find her balance.

She opened her arms wide to embrace both her nephews.

“Hello aunty,” the boys both said.

“Hello boys. My, you grow bigger and bigger every time I see you,” said aunt Petunia.

Lucas smiled at the sight. “Careful there boys, you almost sent your aunt straight to the floor,” he said.

The boys laughed.

At the dinner table Lucas spoke to the two boys about behaving themselves, “Boys please stay indoors and listen to your aunt. Do not go wondering off into the woods.”

The two boys looked like they understood very well what their father was saying and agreed by nodding their heads. Lucas was very impressed by this.

After dinner everyone went to sleep.

Early morning the next day, Emily and Lucas were all packed and ready to go. They made their journey to the palace.

By the time Pingu woke up he realised that Piglet was nowhere in sight.

“Where could Piglet have gone so early in the morning?” he asked himself.

It was unlike him to wake up this early given his lazy nature. Oh no! The thought came to him – he must have gone to the woods.

Pingu ran towards the bedroom where his aunt was sleeping. He knocked hard on the door until there was a response from the other side.

“Come in.”

He walked in and explained everything to his aunt.

“Alright, alright, slow down, we will go and look for Piglet.”

Aunt Pertunia and Pingu went in search of Piglet. They searched for an entire day and finally found him crying under a banana tree. When he saw them he ran towards them and the relief that he felt was evident in his eyes.

“I couldn’t find my way back home,” he cried. “My stomach is sore from eating bananas, I was so hungry,” he continued to cry.

“You shouldn’t have come here on your own Piglet. What if a fox or a hyena had gotten to you before us?” his aunt asked.

“I am so sorry aunty. I will never ever come into the woods by myself again.”


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