Perseverance lead to accomplishment; this is the shortest story of my life. My mother passed on when I was 13. Yet at the moment I had never met my patriarchal family, meaning I haven’t met my father either. My childhood was kind of dull. As from there I was denied an opportunity to have a mother-daughter kind of relationship you know. I felt like why me, because most of the experiences were hurtful, harder to change and accept.

By God’s grace my aunt was so kind and generous that she took me with my little sister to live with her and her husband. As time went on it was not nice nor bad living with my aunt because I had a roof over my head and I thank God abundantly for that. My aunt provided us until her last breath. I completely lost track of time, in fact my heart was shattered because it was the second time I lost the love of my heart.

At the time I was almost in my third year of my bachelor’s degree. Yeah I was smart and a diligent kind of a student, but financially unstable and had no support system. It went up to a point where if I had to attend classes I’d have to beg and plead. On top of that I didn’t wish for luxurious outfits to go to campus, I was just a simple, like a girl on the farm with flip flops.

From there the person I always called a father now saw me as a girlfriend because aunt was no more. He was taking advantage of me because I relied on him for everything. Imagine an old man who pushes himself on a young woman. Desperate as I was, I took that as a challenge rather than a hiccup or hindrance.

At the time I didn’t have kids because my focus was on furthering my studies. Yeah my childhood was sort of crap. I continued with my head down, very humble. Deep down I have a vision to be somewhere in life. I wanted to be a professional social worker.

In 2017 the most prestigious event happened, it was my graduation. I completed my degree, so I was extremely amused, however I had to deal with fact that the people I should thank were no more. Even now I believed that dreams do becomes a reality. And I repeat perseverance indeed leads to accomplishment. Even though I haven’t found my dream job, I still believe that it’ll end well.


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