Peer pressure has a direct influence on people. If people tell you what to do and influence you due to peer pressure, then you will never accomplish your dreams.

There are different ways of resisting peer pressure. For starters, try to have self-confidence – just be yourself. Make your own decisions regardless of what others are saying about you. Teach yourself to say no to negative behaviour. Hang out with people who feel the same way you do. If the situation seems to be dangerous, don’t hesitate to seek advice from an adult that you trust.

We do wrong things simply because we want to please our friends. Most of the boys put pressure on other boys to have girlfriends, only to find themselves in more trouble than they were before.

Learn to respect other people’s values the way you want others to respect your values. Values combined with set goals play a crucial role in managing peer pressure. Being a teenager is challenging because we experience many things for the first time and we may have concerns but let us not be afraid to ask for help when we do not understand.

It is important to choose good friends. Always remember that you cannot stop friends or people from pressuring you but you can stop them from influencing you negatively, by making informed decisions. You must stand up for your beliefs. If it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, it will take an even greater deal to stand up to your friends.

The media provides a massive new digital arena for peer pressure and influence. Such as advertising pressure, exposure to inappropriate behaviour and dialogue. These versions of digital peer pressure exist between youth, adults and businesses. Some of the people whom we live with are alcoholics. We watch telenovelas, which expose crime and violence so in that way we will adapt to crime and violence. Some people say that crime and violence make them feel powerful and important. In my testimony, there’s no such thing. It’s just that the person who said that was being arrogant. If we do allow them to influence us, our lives will not reach our desired destination at all. My advice is this: do not let your peers choose for you. It will affect your future. You must be wise and careful about your life. Not everyone who laughs at you is your friend. Remember that your success is in your hands. If hard work and determination are your values, you will succeed. Success is not attained by chance, but it must be fought for with diligence.


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