Her lips tingled on the top of the coffee mug making her lips bump a little as if the coffee was still hot. Her hair laid back relaxing on her wide naked shoulders. The colour of her skin was uncertain in because of the nude topless jumpsuit that she wore. A dress could have been a lot better.

She was sitting alone in front of one of the big windows at Blue’s Café but hers gave a clear view of the parking lot. The rain droplets on the window made the view a bit bleak but stunning. She was watching her power blue Audi Q5 resting, and waiting for her delicate hands to steer it.

A tight-looking man made his way to her swaying his apron alongside him. His salt and pepper beard made him look older. But judging from his look, he was way too young that the guys who sat in the table next to this beautiful lady were playfully hissing at her and blinking their eyes. But she paid no attention to them.

“May I bring your bill now ma’am?” asked the waiter in a soft but hoarse voice. His hands were shaking but at least his voice managed to pull all the kind-waiter-act together.

“No put it on my tab at Bonita Springs,” said the fine lady still looking away into the rain that was soundlessly pounding the ground in the parking lot. The waiter smiled and went away.

Bonita starred at her car in admiration of her achievement. She was going out for the first time and somehow she could still drive. Hopefully her husband wouldn’t have to come and drag her home because surely she would be in trouble. They both adored the rain especially when it hit their river. They would playfully count how many times it fell in their water.

The classic music playing in the background made her a lot calmer. She was reminiscing about the good old days when she and her sister would plait each other’s hair. And how her mother would always complain about her terrible pap cooking skills. But all that now was in the past. Her husband had been taking good care of her. She had everything she could ever wish for. She had a luxury mansion under water and on land even though they hardly used it. Just one call and she got her dreams in the form of a great silver silky snake that she married. The big snake, her husband Phutu, was the richest man ever. In the morning he would return with a bag full of money and hand it to her to put away. She had even laid eggs for Phutu and he seemed happy spending time with them. Under water she was a great singer well known by all sorts of spirits that lived there.

Bonita pushed the table a little bit to stand up and held her leather silver silky clutch. Now she turned to look at the man who had been eyeing her and smiled. But the man noticed her smile was strange; her face was a bit too smooth to be perfect and her eyes looked Asian. Her nose stood highly pointed on her face.

The four men smiled back and she made her way to them and handed her business card. She strode away strutting her fine figure and exited the door mindlessly of the rain. Her hair seemed to be not getting wet.

“Maybe it’s one of those ladies with weaves, the slay-queens,” said one of the men and they all laughed.


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