My dear, as you are here on earth, you are supposed to be living well with your parents. You have to show them love, respect, kindness and never ever forget them in your prayers because they are the ones who made you.

Your parents are the ones who never leave, you like autumn leaves. Your parents need to be treated as your second God because it is through your parents that God tells you what to be doing, for you to live a happy life.

Even the Christian bible tells us that “honour your parents so that your days should multiply.” If you are experiencing any problems or challenges in your life, your parents are the best people to approach, since they are the ones who can help you solve all your problems because they have been through a lot of experiences in life and they know how to solve your problems.

They are the ones who can help you better than anyone else here on earth. Your parents are there to help you to remove any sadness that tries to own a space in your life.

Even though your parents might be poor, that does not mean that they cannot help you with your problems in life. Your parents are not also poor in their brain, their brain is rich in knowledge. In other words, just because your parents are poor, that does not mean that they are also poor in thinking. Their hearts know how you feel. Their hearts are not poor. As you live here on earth, start seeing your parents as your parents with love, care, respect and kindness.