We usually spend our time focusing on things that are not working in our lives. Possessing all that negative energy we could be using to give birth to something lively, new and unique. Well, I think our success is hindered by us wanting to ‘taste’ what we want. What I mean by ‘taste’ is we do things once in a while. For example, we set time to meet deadlines but only become serious about them for two days, and after that we tell ourselves we can’t take it anymore.

Consistency conceives success and some incredible stuff. It’s very easy to set tasks but it is very difficult to keep the exact time you have set to do them. Someone told me some time ago, “It’s not what you do in a while that makes you, it’s what you do every day. It takes risks to be labelled as a victor.”

I like what Craig Groeschel said, “Until there’s something you are willing to die for, then you can’t truly live”. There’s power in willingness. There’s something about giving it all at a specific time that turns to be a huge rapture.

My mom always says, when you are given a task, do it with all of your heart, you may never know who’s watching you. We usually want to succeed with our old habits but the truth is, how do we expect to be refilled when we are already full of our ego? Success cannot dwell on and be concentrated in people who are diluted with pride. When we allow ourselves to be teachable, that’s how we even get our minds refreshed.


Tell us: What’s that one quote or saying that you live by?