Everyone has their own story, stories that would make others breakdown after hearing them. Everyone has their own testimonials of tragedy that they went through. Testimonials that can comfort others but they remain untold because of the fear of rejection from others. Stories that make them who they are, how they behave yet remain hidden letting others make their own assumptions about them.

Sometimes these stories break relationships and friendships because people don’t understand where the other person is coming from. These
stories become nightmares that continue for years. They sometimes cause other people to isolate or turn into loners.

Sometimes they start by trusting wrong people, these people end up looking for destructions to stop their thoughts.
There are weaknesses that are hidden in the depths, we console ourselves by the facade we keep every day. Once these stories are told, it is being free from cages, like learning to live for the first time. They bring light to other people who still have to overcome, such stories become inspiration to others.

Opening up about these stories can be considered as reclaiming freedom for ourselves. It brings out our real personalities that have been hidden by the pain we keep within ourselves. It makes people seek refuge by inflicting pain to themselves. Some become depressed by keeping their thoughts to themselves.

Some make people think that committing suicide will stop the pain. Others use substances to forget. Some are triggered by things happening before them. When things like this happen, counselling is needed to reduce the burden which we carry every day. Talking to friends about our problems and situations strengthen relationships.

We become sure of who we can rely on and who we cannot rely on.


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