As we live here on earth we encounter many challenges, threats and even temptations in different areas of our lives. Some of us get stung with the negativities that arise from such challenges, threats and temptations – either knowingly or unknowingly. When this happens, most people feel very sad and lack solutions to eliminate themselves from these negativities.

Others try to solve their problems by sleeping, so that they can forget about them. Others listen to music, so that they can be relieved from the pain they are feeling inside their heart. While others try their utmost best to visit their friends, to help them with possible solutions to their problems.

Surprisingly, most people fail to remember the one who created them: the one who gives them life every day, food to feed their stomach, water for them to drink, family to see their offspring, and everything that their eyes consume. They lack their faith in God.

The reason for such lack of faith is that they do not read the words of God that are written in the holy bible.

Always remember: having concrete faith in God is the most valuable thing to do. God is the one who always knows our problems and even the answers to our problems. No one else does.

Let our faith in God be unmovable like the mountains. Let our faith in God be strong at all times, like a stone. Let our faith in God be higher than Mount Kilimanjaro, for he is the one who indeed solves our problems at all times and invites happiness into our lives.

No man can bring more happiness than God himself. No evil spirits can attract joy in our lives like God himself.

God is the dwelling place for our hearts to be happy eternally. God is the creator of happiness in our lives. God is the trusted remedy to cure all problems in our lives. God is the strongest warrior to defeat all our problems. Again, God has the power to overthrow any problem that we encounter in our lives as we live.

The question is, “what can we do to have faith in God?”

Firstly, we must read his words in the Bible at all times. We must understand his words that exist in the Bible by doing them. We must know that God is the one who made us and that having faith in him alone, we can never get lost in the wilderness.

What do you think about the author’s message?