Icons are everywhere. Icons are born every day. Something iconic is done every day and everywhere and icons always sacrifice many things to satisfy many people. A man at Regae Township made sure this township becomes a good one. I know I wasn’t there to witness the changes he brought, but somehow, nowadays I just yearn to see myself being there. He is Mr Chauke. Even if he got some help from the veteran of this township, Mr Hlabirwa Matlebjane, he is mostly known as its creator. The most perfect icon to rise from this township. His unselfish ways led to some good changes here in Regae.

My grandmother used to tell me that each and every day they had to go to the river to fetch water. This township had no water pipes. It almost felt like they were living in a rural area that lacked good leadership in politics. I wondered how they slept, knowing that tomorrow their heads would carry something.

But thanks to the new councillor, Mr Chauke, they saw big changes. My family and fellow community members witnessed water pipes being made for them. My grandmother told me that they were so happy. My mind began to picture their faces as they knew that those days of their heads feeling like they were carrying elephants were gone. Bringing water to Regae was more like bringing gold to the people of this good township. Great work opportunities finally existed.

I once wondered where that road comes from. Well, it was Mr Chauke. Finally a road was built. That also brought a lot opportunities to finally see the unemployed getting some work so they could bring bacon to their homes. Finally people could drive, knowing that their cars were safe because of Mr Chauke.

My uncle used to tell me all about how they used candles to study at school during the night, sharpening their future. My grandfather told me that he used gas and candles to make sure his children lived well. Electricity was the other thing that didn’t exist. All thanks to Mr Chauke, that all changed. For the first time ever, electricity found its way to schools and people’s homes. Now I wished I was here to see all of this.

Apollos were also created. Finally the streets became bright. I surely think that made everyone happy. Today the streets are still bright as ever, all because of Mr Chauke, the heroic councillor.

Shacks sprung each month. My grandmother once told me that shacks were a lot in this township. A long wait of getting a new house finally faded away. People’s best councillor saved them. RDP houses were built and people lived in proper brick-walled houses.

I wasn’t there to see the changes he brought. Luckily my family told me all about the changes he brought. Even if nowadays people have lost faith in him, but what he did for this township is totally iconic.