Some people prefer personality to be more attractive than appearance, whereas others’ perspective is that one’s appearance can never be a factor by which an individual should be judged. How we look, what’s the colour of our skin, etc.; all these traits are God-gifted.

God-gifted traits are those that we cannot manipulate, but appearance is the one that can be pretended. There are many ways in which a person can look good; be it makeup, be it dressing or any other treatment, but the inner beauty cannot be pretended, it reflects in the behaviour and attitude of a person. A person may possess a very dashing appearance, but if he or she does not have a good personality, he or she will be considered evil.

Not all people will judge you by the looks you possess, some will still consider you beautiful even if you are not, because of the personality you possess. However, there are still many people who lack these morals and run after personality, they will pretend in front of everyone that they do not care for looks but they do.

It is high time we recognise where our world is today and be honest with ourselves. If we do not, and just continue to act like it’s the outside that counts, I’m telling you that our world will only become distorted, moving further away from the truly beautiful people that there are.


Tell us: Do you agree that a person’s personality outweighs their appearance?