When sadness falls on our fertile lands, pain is never too late to grow in our lives; a day never passes without showing its forehead.

Though we may try to seek peace in our hearts, sadness still posts some feelings within us that might make detestable tears lose breaks and run very fast like Usain Bolt towards the finishing line of our lips.

For they say “pain is inevitable in our lives”; I do say that there is only one person, the one who has power, the one who is the juju of the jujus for us, the king of kings, the doctor of the doctors, the prophet of the prophets, the one who is more powerful than a lion, and he is called God.

God is well known by both living and non-living things that decorate the earth. Though we have never seen him with our naked eyes, met him in person, texted him using our gadgets, or phoned him using our phones, he is always with us as we live.

God is the one who is not boastful, unlike the so-called humans who boast to others when they have something special in their lives.

God is the one who does not need the media to publicise his existence within us or about his background but only through reading his words each and every day.

God is the one who never disappoints us, unlike those fake and jealous friends that we have encountered or are about to encounter.

God is always there for us or with us at all the times, and not in the way our shadow is, for it only appear to our eyes when everything is shining in our lives, while God is always with us in both dark and bright days.

God is the one who does not require or demand any money from us in order to dwell with us at all times, unlike the way people do.

That’s our God

God is the only one who knows our life more than ourselves, for he knew us before we were born, and he knows every ingredient in our future.

God knows where we are coming from; he knows our purpose here on earth more than we know ourselves, for we only predict everything about us.

God is the one who knows all our strength and weaknesses; we can only predict ourselves as we live here on this world.

That’s God; he does not hold any grudges, unlike we do with our friends or those who hurt us in any way.

He is the one who knows and teaches us how to forgive one another, for he is God who forgave our forefathers that sinned decades ago by sending his only begotten son to die for their sins so that we may be saved and that we may wear new life.

He is the God who has healed us from many diseases that tried to rent a space in our lives, for our white blood cells cannot manage to fight any diseases in our body.

He is the God who does not lie in our presence or even behind our backs, unlike the way other people do, for he is the definition of truth.

He is known by so many honourable names, that’s God

God is the one who does not get jealous of other people, unlike the way Cain was jealous of his brother Abel.

God is so loving, like the definition of love itself, for he is the origin of everlasting love, the love that never changes, unlike the seasons.