“The world is not a place for losers to dwell in,” somebody quoted. Throughout my success journey this quote has always run in my head and it prompts me to keep going despite the harshness of the road I’m in.

I classify my journey into 3 sections or routes. The first one is I was a total loser. I’d go to school with no goals at all because my folks wanted me to do so. First time I matriculated in 2014, of course with terrifying grades! What do you expect of someone who goes to school with no goals at all?

But this turned me on and I was then armed to make up for my past misdeeds.

This was the beginning of the second route. I must admit this road was rough. I, to some extent, appreciated the roughness because it’s through the experiences I had on this route that helped me meet Christ, the Lord of my life.

2015 I matriculated again! I had the hope that I was going straight to varsity. I had studied very hard and I was sure my dreams were coming to pass. Our matric results came out and I was ten times more frustrated than any worst moment I ever went through in my life. I didn’t achieve what I had toiled for. Still more I didn’t give up. I thought of going back to

Grade12. And here I am, after spending about 8 months of just staying at home. I’ve decided to sit for matric once more.

This time I’m well prepared to face the giant, man-to-man. I’m sitting for the next matric exam in 2017. Though most friends view me as an under-achiever I’ll never back down. If David had listened to critics he couldn’t have become the king of Israel. And I would not have bothered to appreciate his guts today.

In this third route I’m ready to face whatever it takes to find my name in varsity. Call me names but I know what I’m in for. And trust me, 2017 I’m writing another essay testifying my success. Count my word on that, I’m on a 3rd try!


Tell us what you think: Do you think you would have the courage to repeat a grade until you got the marks you wanted?