In the dying heat of the summer sun, we sparked a flame. What started as a chance encounter had me planning out a future with you. We stumbled into each other, drunk off infatuation. In your eyes I saw a gem more precious than diamonds. You didn’t say it, but I could tell that you felt the same as me.

So, we tested the waters going back and forth, you thumbing your nose at me and me digging on you. We created a world with just the two of us and it was bliss. But I have a secret; you wear your heart on your sleeve and I keep secrets.

My secret keeps whispering in my ear, the whispers are loud telling me that I might not be the one for you. I try to shut them out but anxiety pins my hands down so I can’t cover my ears and block it out. I know I can love you how you deserve to be loved, I can treat you the way God intended, but I can’t do that while battling demons.

You’ve been through too much to be given anything less than a hundred percent, you deserve showers of affection and I want to be the one to shower you. I know I can love you how you are meant to be loved, but I can’t hold you if I’m always dancing with these demons. I’m working on myself for you. I still get butterflies every time you’re near and that’s a feeling only you can give.

One day I won’t have secrets, one day I’ll have my heart where everyone can see it, just like you. One day I’ll love us both and on that day you’ll never stop smiling. One day you’ll be happy forever and a day. One day soon.


Tell us: are secrets good for a relationship or can they destroy it?