Teaching an old dog new tricks will be determined by how well your dog can still receive an order to sit, stand and roll after facing storms of stress, fires of betrayal, floods of heartbreaks.

Teach me how to love you. Always take into consideration that A is not written the same way as B and C has lesson efforts to master just like people we meet. Teach me how to hold you when you are feeling a chill so I can have the skills to hold you properly all winter; don’t assume I come with such knowledge.
Teach me how to take care of you by showing me care, so I can learn the standards of your comfortability don’t assume I should be good at it. Teach me what makes you jealous by voicing your concerns so I can respect the calmness of your warning when I’m tempted, don’t start a fight some things are not obvious.
Teach me what comes with no assumptions because the reason I’m with you today is clearly because I failed or was failed in several attempts to grasp this knowledge of how I can love better or be loved better in return as a husband, friend or boyfriend, or wife, girlfriend or friend.

Age doesn’t necessarily come with knowledge and people learn in different ways some learn from:

Seeing: you show him or her what is wrong and what’s right by avoiding it, to keep them safe and they see how it can save a good bond.

Talking: some people keep things bottled up inside so much that they start to leak and when they do, they always feel the need to always defend themselves even when it’s not necessary due to past verbal abuse, so a simple, “let’s sit down and talk,” can melt steel in some individuals.

Actions: being with someone long enough will determine their consistency and passion. You pick a lot up by ways of treatment and its positivity may rub off on you, if you are willing to stop drop and roll on cue it may not, if you are a cup too full to learn anything. Thus wasting everyone’s time and that’s more important than money.

Teach me how to love and I will teach you how to take love. Best friends are strangers with the same goals, who work together to archive those goals. It won’t be easy since we are not all lecturers from the same background of love but it will be very simple because every day we are a reflection of what we want in a partner.

So STOP comparing your new relationship to your old one, DROP all expectations and enjoy your new partner with his or her flaws and ROLL up your sleeves to get your hands dirty if what you have now is worth saving.


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