Sometimes situations in life cannot be hidden or kept secret forever. Now here’s a chance. How would you feel to know what’s inside the shell? It’s the nut, now you know. Maybe you knew. Or didn’t. But now here it is being revealed.

Now you know. That if he never said it out loud that he loves you, maybe he really doesn’t. Now you know better. Somebody out there struggles to climb. Finding a job. Getting through the day. Making ends meet. Maybe you didn’t know that beauty is just a touch away from your heart. Think. See. Yes, you are beautiful. Now you know. That your tears matter to somebody who cares. Didn’t you know that?

Now you do know that all of us look up to you as our big brother. You can do better than this. Drug addict. Change your life. And be the best version of yourself. The strength you have. Now. Recover. Did you know? That your situation can be changed all around too. You can be set free. Away from that prison mind. Here are the keys in you. Your mind-change comes out from the traps.

Now you know that when somebody says “no” they mean exactly that. Look. The cells are filled. Mistakes they say. Forgiveness. It sounds like. Second-chance prisoners singing down the corridor.

Will you go deaf? And not forgive somebody for your own good? Closure. You need. So that you can go back slowly. Healing. That expert reveals. Works. Don’t you? Need a shoulder to cry on during these tries and tribulations. Times.

Because I do. Now you know.

That sometimes water does enter homes. Sharks. Flows. Floods destroy. Everybody’s belongings. Leaving havoc behind. That’s true, has to be talked about. Now we do. Write. So you know. Exactly.

That’s not all of it. That’s part of it. Our daily lives. Waking up again see the sun. Go walking long distances looking for the unending treasures of this life. Love with the hope of better tomorrow. That’s not promised. Have to work hard at life. To reach our goals and plans. Fulfil our promises. Fight for what is right leaving behind legacy. Be proud family. Friends, this time you do know. Be thoughtful because now you know.


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