“I thought it was over, that they everything was over. Although I had little faith I had Jesus Christ of Nazareth,” he said.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Mike who lived in a shack with his grandmother. No one knew where his mother was. He loved his grandmother so much because they were the only Johnso’s in that village. It was difficult for Mike to live there because it was such a bad environment.

The village had poor sanitation, but for Mike, the worst part of living there was having to go fetch water at the river. Whenever he had to fetch water, he had to walk to the far end of the village and stand in a long queue to fill up their water drum – which made him late for school every morning.
To make things worse, at school, Mike was the odd one out; the other children made fun of his torn clothes and shoes. His shoes were always dirty because of the road he used to walk to school. He was very smart in class but felt very lonely.

Mike’s grandmother was too old to fetch water or cook, she was 83-years-old and she had had a stroke the previous year. Mike was very hurt about what happened to his grandmother. His grandmother had been supporting the two of them with her pension money for the past couple of years ever since she couldn’t afford to work anymore.
She died that summer. Her death left Mike feeling alone. His performance dropped at school and cried like a broken hearted man at her funeral. After his grandmother’s funeral, Mike was sent to an orphanage in Durban. This is where he found his passion for writing and ended up publishing his own book. The book which he dedicated to his grandmother was titled “It’s over”

He became a successful writer and got married at age 30. He and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world the next year, they named her Nikki.