In the world we are living in, some people are only going to be your friends as long as they see that you have something that they need, or something that is going to benefit their lives. Most of the time we tend to be blind by not seeing such people in our lives. But sometimes we do recognise them after having an experience about the same scenario in our lives.

Such people are going to pretend to love you, support you and even reach a point of telling you that they are your best buddy forever. Such people are going to be with you as long as they see that you have money, expensive clothes, shoes, gadgets, free Wi-Fi at your house that they can easily connect to and browse different media contents and even update their mobile soft wares. Others are even going to be your friends when you share with them some latest movies/series, music (EPs/ mixtapes, albums) and other things that may benefit them.

On the other hand, if you try to pretend you donโ€™t have are all those things, just for a month, they leave or abandon you and act as if they donโ€™t even know you. They start seeing you as a useless person, ignoring everything about you, and they even start looking for some other friends that are going to be beneficial to them.

Remember, only your real friends are going to appreciate you and are going to stay with you for the rest of their lives and may never abandon. Such friends are so rare these days and if you happen to find such friends in your life, donโ€™t you ever take them for granted.